Badge Alliance

I am Erin. I live in the East Bay recently relocated from Northern CA to the East Coast. Portland, Maine to be exact. I am the guardian of the two most adorable chocolate labrador retrievers on the planet and The Mom of the most beautiful and advanced  boy of all times. 

I have a BA in Psych from a galaxy far far away that I don’t use and I have an MS in Information Management and Systems that I use quite frequently.

I am super passionate about fixing education. Aim high, right? No, but I believe in technology-enhanced, student-centered and peer learning. That’s the answer to this mess. That’s 42.

hspaSo I have worked on a number of projects in this space, including running a research center at Berkeley. I built one of the first learning badge systems at P2PU with that awesome team and community. I built and ran the Open Badges project at Mozilla Foundation. Now I lead the Badge Alliance, a network of organizations and folks building the amazing and audacious dream together.

What else…I like a crazy assortment of music, any of which can immediately make me happy and productive. I also like to run and work-out, which also make me happy and productive.

And I love anything with mushrooms in it, except I am mildly allergic to truffles, which is both weird and financially-beneficial.

Ok, that’s enough for now.