Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Join the Open Badges Team!

The Mozilla Open Badges Team is expanding! 

As you might have guessed, there is a lot going on in the Open Badges world right now. We recently launched beta1 of the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) and are hard at work on beta2 and 1.0 development and preparations. We are developing documentation and materials to onramp folks as seamlessly as possible to the OBI, but also want to provide channels for direct assistance to those partners that need it - whether that be through advising on badge system components, developing interfacing widget technology to assist with connections to the OBI or custom building technological components. We are working with the MacArthur Foundation and HASTAC on their DML Competition to facilitate a set of high-quality badge systems and badges that will all be plugged into the OBI and thus, the wider badge ecosystem. We are also working on badges within various Mozilla programs, such as School of Webcraft and Hackasaurus, and are starting conversations about an even bigger Mozilla badge system that would extend across various projects and programs and create a consistent experience and pathway for Mozillians to participate and grow with us and through us. And more. As I said, TONS a’happening in Open Badges land. 

But all of this will not be possible without some really good people to help get us there. So we are currently hiring for 4 positions, with another one soon to follow. Please share these with your networks and if you fit the bill for one and are interested, please let us know! From my own experience, its a fun, chaotic, innovative and inspiring project to work on, so join us!

Open Badges Developer

Open Badges Partner Manager: Business and Design

Open Badges Partner Engineer: Tech and Support

Mozilla Badge and Assessment System Desginer/Specialist

  • Design and build a badge system for Mozilla that motivates and rewards participation, provides learning pathways through various programs and experiences and fosters the next millions of Mozillians to be involved in the open Web.
  • http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oz5XVfwg&s=MoFoPost

We are a distributed team - all positions are remote and flexible. All are one year positions with potential for extending based on our success together. So come on board!



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