Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mozilla Learning Roadmap

We’ve all been talking a lot about the Mozilla Learning goals and vision (from Mark Surman here and Michelle Levesque here as a couple examples). We have general consensus on what we ultimately want to get to: comprehensive learning pathways around a core set of web literacy skills. Modularized learning content for webmakers, distributed through our various programs like Popcorn, Open News and the Hive. This is a very ambitious - and awesome - vision, and now comes the fun part: where do we start? what are the incremental projects we need to do to launch ourselves towards this vision? 
We know most of the things that we need to build (and are already building in some cases): 
  • a definition of a core set of web literacy skills 
  • a set of generalized curriculum and tools around these skills that provide people with ways to learn and develop each skill. This may involve pulling together existing resources like those from Hackasaurus and the Hive, as well as developing new curriculum/tools to fill in the gaps.
  • a Mozilla badge system built around the skills and curriculum, plugging into the Open Badge Infrastructure
  • pilots of that learning offering (including curriculum + tools + badges), tailored for filmmakers, journalists and teens, delivered through Popcorn, Open News and the Hive respectively.
  • an event kit to walk people through how to run learning labs or hackjams around our learning content
  • an online destination place for our content on
  • community space for facilitators/instructors to support them in using our learning material
  • what else? what’s missing from this list?
The next step is to throw all of these projects and pieces out on a roadmap, which we’ve started here: (You’ll see much more detail in Q1/Q2, as we are all very anxious to dive into everything!) Now we need your help on taking this the last mile. We plan on talking about the roadmap on the next few community calls - including today’s Learning Community call and next Tuesday’s webmaker call -  to get feedback and insight from the broader group and community. 

So please join us on those calls and in the meantime, insights/suggestions/critiques/ideas are most welcome through comments here. 


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