Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Open Badges Roadmap

I posted last week on the Mozilla Learning Group roadmap. You might have noticed some aspects explicitly missing, namely all the awesome work around the Open Badge Infrastructure. That’s because its so awesome, it warrants its own roadmap!

2011 was a big exploratory year for Open Badges. We built initial pilots, had a ton of conversations with folks about badges and badge system design, planned/kicked off the DML Badge competition and launched the first version of the OBI.

2012 is a big implementation and roll out year - we will be releasing everything publicly in a way that makes it as easy for people to plug in as possible. We’ll put it out there and then get out of the way and let the ecosystem grow. Here are the things we know we need to do:

  • Release a new version of - including an overhaul of documentation and resources (end of Q1)
  • Build a demo to help people see the OBI. The OBI is built to be underlying plumbing and the Backpacks are private to each learner so there isn’t a lot to see by design. But we get that people need a little more to be able to grasp the concept, see what we’re building, etc. So we’re building a demo environment to help that happen. Will be available from the new by early March.
  • Release a public beta of the OBI. We released an initial private beta last September - it was more of a developer preview. Now we are working towards an open, public beta that includes:
    • Fully developed issuer API
    • First-party signing of badges (as an alternative to needed to host/maintain the badge assertion on your site)
    • Fully developed displayer API
    • Initial endorsement API - supporting third party signing of badges
    • Legal considerations built in
  • Ramp up partners pushing badges in and pulling badges out over the course of the year. Get more badges in the ecosystem!
  • Release the 1.0 version by the end of 2012. There is a lot that goes into reaching ‘product’ level in Mozilla so this version will build on beta, add in additional features and meet product-ize requirements.

You can see the full current working version of the roadmap here.

We definitely are looking for suggestions/insights/etc. on this roadmap. Does this align with your plans for badges? Are there elements that are missing?

Definitely feel free to log thoughts/feedback through comments, but the best venue for discussion is our new Open Badges community call, each Wednesday at noon ET. Here are the details and notes from the kick off call - please join us next week!