Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mozilla Foundation Launch Codes

We’ve been a little busy here at Mozilla Foundation, as you may have noticed 1) by my radio silence on this blog but more importantly, 2) by the series of huge launches from us. 

Here’s a guide to the awesome projects and initiatives we’ve launched in the last 2 months, with links to find out more or get involved (your very own Mozilla launch codes!):


Public beta of the Open Badge Infrastructure.

The OBI is the core technical ‘plumbing’ to support an ecosystem of badges as alternative credentials for lifelong learning. It’s a mouthful and its awesome. “Public beta” means a publicly available, critical feature complete solution. Over a hundred independent badge issuers are already plugging in. The Open Badges work supports Mozilla’s wider goal of making the Web as awesome as possible and helping people benefit from it. A badge ecosystem supports learning that looks like the Web - open, distributed, customizable, personally navigable - and happens across the Web, by creating a recognition system that can help learners tell a more complete story about their skill set, and in turn, get real results like jobs, credits and other opportunities. Check out my previous entries for more nuance on Open Badges.

Previous post with more info.

Earn your first badge! Set up your Backpack. Launch code


Webmaker Initiative.

Our goal: build a generation of webmakers who have the skills and passion to be makers on the Web and of the Web - instead of just consumers. You’ve heard me and my colleagues talk about this for awhile now, but now its a top level Mozilla initiative - it’s even available in the “tabzilla” - the Mozilla dropdown menu across all Mozilla sites!

Launch code


Mozilla Summer Code Party.

In line with the Webmaker Initiative, we launched our first big push for webmaking - the Mozilla Summer Code Party. It’s a summer-long, planet-wide webmaking and learning party, kicking off with the Weekend of Code where thousands of people will host events, make cool stuff on the Web and learn webmaking skills together in the process. You should definitely party with us - you can host your own event, join one of the hundreds of events other folks are hosting or just do some learning projects on your own or with a few friends. Let’s par-tah!

Party like its summer 2012. Launch code

More info on our wiki

Mozilla Ignite.

What would you do with the Internet of the future? Mozilla Ignite challenges us to come up with app ideas for a 1Gbps network - and there is $500,000 in prize money. It’s Webmaking on a whole new level. Later this year: You can plan to see some learning content from us around some of the awesome technologies and practices relevant to this advanced webmaking.

Launch Code



(Formerly called WebpageMaker) Thimble is our new 2 pane editor tool that helps people make things on the Web and learn HTML, CSS and other webmaking skills in the process. Thimble allows you to write and edit code in the left hand pane and see it immediately rendered in the right hand pane. And we’ve built handy js libraries that capture errors in the code, and leverage Mozilla Developer Network content as helpful hints on all the tags. Coming soon to Thimble: badges and a gallery of published projects as well. The Thimble development team is nothing short of superheroes - our own Avengers - huge kudos to them for creating a kick a$$ tool in a very short amount of time. 

Use the editor. Try out a Thimble project. Launch code

More on thimble from Mark

More on Thimble from Matt on the Mozilla blog


The new website to support the Webmaker initiative and the upcoming Mozilla Summer Cody Party. We are a wiki and etherpad culture so to have a core polished website like this, you know we must mean business. This site will definitely grow to support more of the work we’re doing but you can use it now to find projects (see below), tools like Thimble, and events. Yay Team Ross+Andrew and Team Engagement!

Launch code

Webmaker Learning Projects.

We’ve built a bunch of learning projects to help you find interesting and personally inspiring things to build, while scaffolding the learning and webmaking skill development. All of the projects are one page learning challenges and they come in two flavors: Thimble projects and DIY projects. Thimble projects sit on top of Thimble and are hackable learning challenges that allow you to edit the code in the left pane to complete the challenge, while seeing your changes immediately rendered on the right pane. You can publish and share your creations as well. (And don’t forget to give us some feedback so we can make more and better projects - there’s a survey link in the Publish dropdown). DIY projects are similar, but are learning challenges that use other tools or take you to other sites to build stuff. All the projects are available here.

You’ll notice that there are some projects by Mozilla, but a bunch of projects by other folks like the London Zoo, Tumblr, New York Public Library and P2PU. That’s the idea here - we want to create a movement and we can’t do it alone, so the goal is to have some Mozilla content, and some Mozilla tools but to pull together content and tools from all the other awesome people and organizations that are already teaching webmaking in their own flavors. So you can expect more projects from more folks as we go. And if you have an idea right now, you can submit it here.

You may have noticed that I have a little more to say about this one - that’s because it is near and dear to my heart. My team is brilliant, mindblowingly creative and super productive, so huge applause to them for building and wrangling some pretty cool initial stuff. More on these projects to come in another follow up post b/c I just can’t stop talking about them.

Project Launch Codes

Early Version of PopcornMaker. 

We’re starting to build our platform of making tools with Thimble, which I already talked about and now PopcornMaker which helps you build awesome Popcorn-ified videos. PopcornMaker features a bunch of awesome out-of-the-box templates to guide your work and help you learn about Popcorn and a bunch of webmaking skills in the process.

This is a much anticipated launch - 1.0 is coming later this year but you can play around with an early preview version now. Launch Code

Popcorn Maker


The Weekend of Code.

The kickoff weekend of the Mozilla Summer Code Party. It’s a worldwide party, people, and thousands of people across the globe will be making things and learning skills together this coming weekend. We’re bringing some projects, tools and some friends - you bring some friends of your own, your creativity and maker-y-ness, and some chips and dip.

Get involved! Party with us! Launch Code


Sleep…and more learning, partying and strategizing.

July will bring some well deserved reprieve for my team. We’re pooped. That said, the Summer Code Party will still be going strong, and we’ve got a few strategy sessions to start planning for our next wave of awesomeness. So make sure to give us feedback on your experience with everything over the next few weeks so we can feed that back into our roadmap for the rest of the year.


Open Badger and Alpha Webmaker Badges.

What could make our learning offerings and pathways better? Well, badges of course - a way to get recognition for the skills you develop while making stuff online. So we are building some alpha Webmaking badges that will be aligned with projects and sharing of the things that you make over the summer. And since we need to build the tool to handle the badge creation, badge issuing and connection to the OBI, we’re releasing that to the public as well, as a lightweight badge issuing tool and set of js libraries to make badge issuing easy for you. It’s the next stop on the badge train.

More Info



Mozilla Badge System.

Why stop there? Our ultimate goal is to have learning pathways for all of our webmaking skills - with earnable badges for each skill, as well as levels across the skills. And the broader Mozilla has a bunch of ideas for badges for contribution and engagement as well. So that’s all going to roll up into an awesomely supercharged Mozilla Badge System with interest-based learning and contribution opportunities with job-relevant badges behind them.

More stuff.

I am sure there will be more. We are not ones to sit around idly and the creativity and innovative nature of my awesome colleagues, as well as their uncanny ability to build things at light speed, means I am sure there will be lots of cool stuff before 2012 ends.

*As you can see, there’s been a lot going on, so I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention something else. Let me know and I’ll update as needed.

Way to go all! Celebration