Friday, February 1, 2013

Webmaker Badges Roadmap

It’s roadmappin’ time again, folks. I’ve shifted my focus a bit to zero in on making badges a success and that has two pieces:

  1. Web literacy badges
  2. The Open Badge Infrastructure and wider badge ecosystem

This roadmap covers the web literacy badges plan for the rest of the year. Look for the OBI roadmap to follow shortly.



Objective #1: Build the web literacy standard. 

I’ve written about this before and done a bunch of thinking about it sense. This is a different spin on the work we’ve done so far to define the skills that we think are the core pieces of being web literate, or having those literacies. The goal is to co-create and maintain a learning standard with a bunch of partners - and then for us all to align to that standard and work together toward this common goal of creating a web literate planet. 

We don’t yet know what the ‘product’ for the standard looks like, but we’ll be digging into that more deeply over the next few weeks. If you are interested in learning more, we’re hosting a virtual meeting next Thursday, Feb 7th. Join us!

Objective #2: Build more web literacy badges. 

We rolled out the first set of web literacy badges last November through Webmaker, that covered some basic web competencies like HTML and CSS. Obviously, that is a small slice of our vision of web literacy and we want to expand the badge offering to cover more skills - ultimately to provide learning pathways and badges for all of them. 


Objective #3: Build assessment pathways.

This is the fuzziest of our objectives because we could do it in lots of different ways. Ultimately, we want to give people a way to demonstrate the web skills they have, regardless of where or how they learned them, and get assessed and earn recognition (badges) for those skills. This could manifest as a mechanism for submitting a link to something you built to the Mozilla community to assess and then earning one of our badges. Or it could involve building mini assessments aligned with each competency/skill that you can come back to us to demonstrate your skills, or you could take those assessments and build them into your own curriculum, etc. Lots of things to decide on but lots of exciting potential directions. 

Objective #4: Launch the New Backpack.

This is where the two roadmaps intersect a bit. The Backpack in the Open Badge Infrastructure is a repository and management interface for each badge earner. Right now, they can use their Backpack to collect badges across issuers, create groups and publish them and share out badges. It’s the, as we like to say at Mozilla, minimal viable product of what people could do with their Backpacks. We have lots of ideas of expanding on that to include dashboards, goal setting, discovery of other learning opportunities and finding mentors. We will most likely build this for Webmaker first and then role it into the broader ecosystem solution. 

What Success Looks Like:

These are sort of cheating as far as success metrics go, but its still early and just want to give an idea of what we’d feeling like celebrating:

  • Launch the learning standard for web literacy
  • Have lots of other orgs and people aligning with it
  • Offer learning pathways and badges for all of the competencies/skills 
  • See lots and lots of people earning and sharing these badges

How We Will Get There:

Tons of work to do and here’s how it will roll out over the year:



  • Launch second wave of web lit badges
  • Launch peer assessment
  • Continued standard iteration and partner recruitment


  • Launch larger Mozilla-wide badge system
  • First prototypes of assessment pathways
  • Additional integration in Webmaker


  • Launch full set of web literacy badges
  • Launch assessment pathways
  • Launch Dashboard / New Backpack

Let me know what you think!



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