Friday, February 14, 2014

Badge Alliance

Finally enroute back east after a quick and power-packed trip to San Fran for an awesome Summit to Reconnect Learning

At the Summit, we announced a new venture to build a Badge Alliance. The Alliance is a network of organizations and individuals working together to build and support an open badging ecosystem. Members of the Badge Alliance will collaboratively tackle important issues, questions and opportunities to continue to push the work forward.

We also announced that I will be transitioning out of Mozilla to build and run the Badge Alliance. Over the the course of the year, I’ll move to the Alliance full time to drive this work.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity - it really feels like the natural and necessary evolution of the badging work and of my role in it.

We really need this. The badges work relies on a robust ecosystem and while there are many many folks playing in the space, we aren’t leveraging each other enough. We aren’t sharing enough. We aren’t building a knowledge base. We aren’t moving the ball forward as quickly as we could. And that’s not because we don’t want to. It’s not your job. You each need the space to do your work, your slice, with your agenda, timeline and perspectives. Someone else needs to help connect the dots, set overarching goals, drive the conversations that need to happen. Well, now that’s my job. :)

So I am just thrilled. This is going to be fun!

As this has been unfolding, I keep getting pulled nostalgically back to a dusty corner in a Barcelona museum…we were at the Mozilla Festival in 2010 in “the Badge Lab” and posed a set of questions: What if we reimagined credentials to support a broader definition of learning? What if we thought about digital badges as a way to capture more about what we know and an do? Folks then wrote down the questions, issues and ideas that came to mind. 

Now that was a relatively small group of people - maybe 15. But let me tell you, the amount of post its produced was astounding. We’d both hit a nerve but also hit on something worth talking about. And talk we did, we spent the next 3 days digging in.

This story is relevant to me right now for a couple of reasons:

First of all, many of the folks in those conversations then are still in conversations today. In fact, many were at the Summit with me. That day, we started a community, we started the ecosystem that is vital to the success of this work. That has grown significantly over the last 3 years. There are so many of you contributing to major ways to the work and that’s absolutely critical. And there is so much potential when we start to leverage each other. I feel so motivated and inspired by this opportunity to get up everyday thinking about how to support you, connect the work and move us all forward.

Second, many of those questions that were written on those post it notes are still open questions today. In fact, some are topics we spent the first day of the Summit talking about. We’ve been thinking about this stuff for a long time and we are at a moment where we can make decisions and really accelerate by more formally working together.

The Badge Alliance will operate through working groups that are facilitated by the Alliance team. This isn’t really new - as evidenced by the 300 people who showed up to the Summit to work through key issues - this is how we’ve been working already. The Badge Alliance will just layer in more intentionality, accountability and support.

We are going to hit the ground running. Today is the soft launch, with a formal launch planned for Q2, but in the meantime, we are going to kick off the initial working groups. These working groups will help us continue the conversations and work needed to move the ball forward on important issues. You can visit to view the initial working groups, sign up to participate and suggest additional ones.

I may be taking a leadership role in the Alliance, but this is way bigger than me. Just as the Alliance is a network of organizations building the ecosystem, it needs those organizations to help shape it. It’s incredibly exciting to me that a number of organizations have already stepped up as founding members:

Huge hugs and high fives to these folks for their initial interest and support. And it’s not too late to contribute as a founding member. If you are interested visit or email me at

Also, definitely sign up and secure your spot on the initial working groups that are important to you. You can do so at

Many many more posts to come from me with more information as this unfolds.



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