Monday, August 8, 2011

OBI alpha

Last week, we released the alpha version of the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) with the first issuer, Peer 2 Peer University. 

What is the Open Badge Infrastructure? (earlier post and background here)

The Mozilla OBI is a technology solution to support the creation of a badge ecosystem. The OBI allows there to be many independent badge issuers and for a single individual to earn badges across issuers, collect them to a single collection that s/he has complete control over, and then decide how to share out various subcollections with display sites including social networks, career sites, personal sites and digital resumes/portfolios. The OBI is that central piece that includes a reference badge repository, management interface (the ‘Badge Backpack’) for each user and the necessary communication channels to support pushing badges in (issuers) and pulling badges out (displayers), as well as authenticating and verifying badges.

OBI tech diagram

What is the alpha version? What does it include?

The alpha version is the first major release of the OBI. It includes:

There are still a few things that need to happen on the P2PU side for the P2PU community to push their badges to the OBI, but all the groundwork is there. Here is a post on the latest updates on the P2PU side.

What’s next?

1) Beta - September 2011

The alpha version is the first step in many good things to come. Next up is the beta version which will be a a core feature-complete, fully functioning OBI that is launched with a small number of partners as issuers. Beta will also include the Badge Backpack for badge management and the first display widget for users to display badges outside of the OBI. We are aiming to launch beta in early September. That’s right folks, only a month away!

2) Public 1.0 Release - January 2012

After beta, next up is a public release of the spec/API and all documentation. In addition to feature additions and bug fixes/updates, this public 1.0 release will allow anyone to become a badge issuer or badge displayer with the OBI. The Public 1.0 release is scheduled for early January 2012.

So, needless to say, much more to come soon!



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