Friday, November 2, 2012

Webmaker at MozFest

So, you may of heard, but there is this awesome festival coming up next week - it’s MozFest in London, and it’s going to be awesome. 

Webmaker will be a big part of MozFest and here’s how:

Building Webmaker Track / Theme

There are a ton of sessions at MozFest this year. You can get a filtered view of the Webmaker-relevant sessions through the Building Webmaker track. And you’ll notice that these aren’t just sessions about Webmaker, but as the name implies, they are chances to get your hands dirty and help us build Webmaker. Whether its creating starter projects, prototyping how to teach javascript (and building out teaching content for all of Webmaker*, for that matter), imagining Webmaker for mobile, or more, you can help us shape the very near future of Webmaker.  

*cross posted from the Hacktivate Learning track

Webmaker Floor

If you head on up to the top floor at Ravensbourne, you’ll find yourself in the mystical place known as the Webmaker Floor. This floor houses almost all* of the Building Webmaker sessions, as well as the Hacktivate Zone, which is where a bunch of really smart people will be figuring out how to teach this stuff and scale our reach.  The Webmaker Floor is also the home to the Webmaker Bar, explained more below, and some fun lounge-y, hang-out-with-the-designers areas as well. We’ll have some ambient hack zones too, like a project idea board where you can put up starter project topics or ideas that you’d like to see, as well as a huge hackable web literacy skills grid that you can post questions and suggestions directly on.

*I should note that there are definitely sessions and activities relevant to Webmaker occurring on the other floors and you should definitely check out all of the floors and tracks. Come visit the top floor for the core set of get-your-hands-dirty-with-Webmaker sessions.

Note: this image is not completely updated - we are still working with the configuration of the teaching studios. But it gives you an idea of all the energy that will be happening at any given time on the Webmaker Floor.

Webmaker Bar

The Webmaker Bar will be the place you go to make awesome stuff during the Festival. We’ll have some programming there to kick start your creative juices, but its mostly about coming and using Thimble, Popcorn Maker, the X-ray Goggles or a tool of your choice to make something and share it. BYOL(aptop) or use some of the computers we’ll have set up there. Check out all of the starter projects to see some ideas on what to make.

The couches next to the Bar will feature some of our designers and product folk at various times across the two days for some one-on-one user testing and deep dive feedback sessions. 

Hope to see you in London!