Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Roadmappin’

The Learning Group got back together last week to re-roadmap based on all of the developments in the last couple of months. Good news is, we are a lot more clear on objectives and able to scope more than we were a few months ago. 

The updated roadmap, with the most attention paid through remaining Q1/Q2 is here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Learning

Q1 Achievements:

We actually did everything on our original list in Q1 - we’ve been busy!

  • We published the initial version of the web literacy skills which has gotten a lot of interest and feedback. MichelleL is working on the next version of these skills, with some more definition and scope, to be released at the end of Q1.
  • We released our first set of design principles.
  • We did an initial audit of the curricular resources we have, as well as some of the external options. There is more work that needs to be done here but lots of progress was made.
  • We prototyped the first Pilot, this one for journalists through Open News (more from Jess here, here and here), which allows people to build out their story online and in doing so, learn some basic web literacy skills.
  • We worked with the engagement team to develop the initial event kit and learning offerings for that kit. That is set to launch at the end of Q1 as well.

HUGE Q1 so far, and its not even over yet. There are a few more things that we will release before the end of March. Kudos to my kickbutt team!

Q2 Highlights:

Summer Campaign. You’ve all probably heard about it - if not read this and this and this. It’s a Mozilla day of action around learning webmaking skills, followed by a summer of opportunities and resources for more learning. And its going to be awesome. Needless to say, the summer campaign work is a huge priority for us and is threaded into everyone’s individual goals.

Webmaker Tool. We realized that we’ve been building the same experience over and over again and so are abstracting out the reusable chunks into a Webmaker Toolkit. This will include things like a side-by-side editor where you can edit the HTML on the left and see the live page rendered on the right, a template/mission library where you can pull in templates on top of the editor to build stuff and learn things. A mission maker that lets you create your own missions. A public gallery where you can publish the things you’ve made. A badge issuing tool to inject badges into all of these experiences, etc.

Mission Maker. This is technically part of the Webmaker Tool work, but has a much higher level set of goals. We’ve made some really awesome and beautiful stuff to date but that’s not scalable. We want other people to be able to build on our stuff, or even create their own stuff that plugs into our stuff. So we are working to build a learning offering (or ‘mission’) model that specifies the necessary pieces for building missions, and then some examples on top of that for you to dive into, fork or use as a model for a totally new idea. These missions will be lightweight, hackable pages that present a particular challenge and allow you to learn some HTML, CSS or JS by hacking on the page directly. Cool, right?

Instructor Community. We’ve been gaining some momentum with building a community around the web literacy skills and content but in Q2, we hope this is going to really take off. In addition to launching an initial site for instructors, we are going to be holding a set of instructor conferences in SF, Boston and London in late April/early May to not only solidify those networks, but also to do some massive requirements gathering around how to best support that community. 

Pilots. We’ll be launching our Open News pilot, currently called StoryThing, which allows journalists, or anyone really, build out a story online and learn some HTML, CSS and stuff about the open Web in the process. We are also working with the ever awesome Popcorn team to develop a pilot to layer some more learning elements (or surface them, really) into the film/video making process through Popcorn Maker. 

Big quarter coming up - what else should we have on our radar?


* Photo attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mkrigsman/2852232536/